Smooth and Sophisticated.

Our Reserva is a special blend of Joven Mezcal Artesanal Espadin (Agave Angustifolio) and Añejo Mezcal Tequilana (Maguey Azul). As a result it is said to be “abocado con madera,” That means that our mezcal is lightly “touched with wood,” resulting in a remarkably smooth and truly unique flavor profile.

We took this distinctive blending approach because we found that in most aged mezcal the wood elements often overpower the flavors and qualities that make agave spirits special. In creating this new type of mezcal, we carefully combine small batch joven espadin and anejo tequilana mezcal, the latter aged in oak barrels for over one year. Smooth, complex, and highly sophisticated, this is a mezcal that is best sipped and savored neat, or enjoyed poured over a single ice ball.

La Historia

“Spanish is the loving tongue,
Soft as music, light as spray:
‘Twas a girl I learned it from,
Living down Sonora way.”

Excerpt from the poem
“The Border Affair”
by Charles Badger Clark, 1907

And so it was, that a certain Tomás traveled to Mexico and met a girl from Sonora way, with roots far south in Michoacán. She regaled him with stories of Mexico and her family’s history with Mezcal. “Respect the spirit,” the ancestors say.  Not just the spirit in the bottle, but the spirit of Mexico and Mezcal. It’s a simple love story really, that inspired the creation of Tomas Artesanal. Today, the couple works with local mezcaleros to create unique artisan agave spirits.

Mezcal – It is one of those extraordinary things that simply works at all levels and is a distilled spirit with endless possibilities.  Tomas Artesanal actually translates to “you drink craft.”

That is what we invite you to do.
Join us, and with each sip “Honor the Spirit!”